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RedHat Network Charges

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 07:56, Tim Kossack wrote:

> As to the void left by Red Hat offering Red Hat Network support only for
> Enterprise Linux customers, the Red Hat moves have created a golden
> opportunity for Ximian to expand its customer base. Ximian's Red Carpet
> provides the same type of services as the Red Hat Network - high-speed
> lines for downloads and automated updates for security and bug fixes -
> for a comparable price. All Ximian needs to do to gain new customers
> from those abandoned by RHN is to support Fedora, and they say that's
> what they're going to do.

Red Hat network recently took $360 from me for my 6 linux systems

Looks like that support won't last the full year I paid for. 

Do I get a partial refund? Or put it down to experience.   

Steve Withers
swithers mmp org nz

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