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Re: RedHat Network Charges

From their migration FAQ:

3) What happens to my paid RHN subscription if it expires after April 30, 2004, (the end-of-life date for Red Hat Linux 9)?

Customers whose paid RHN subscription expires after April 30 will receive a complimentary evaluation ISO and channel access for Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS for the remainder of their subscription. These customers also have the opportunity to take advantage of the 50% discount currently available on migrations to Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES or WS.


Steve Withers wrote:
On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 07:56, Tim Kossack wrote:

As to the void left by Red Hat offering Red Hat Network support only for
Enterprise Linux customers, the Red Hat moves have created a golden
opportunity for Ximian to expand its customer base. Ximian's Red Carpet
provides the same type of services as the Red Hat Network - high-speed
lines for downloads and automated updates for security and bug fixes -
for a comparable price. All Ximian needs to do to gain new customers
from those abandoned by RHN is to support Fedora, and they say that's
what they're going to do.

Red Hat network recently took $360 from me for my 6 linux systems

Looks like that support won't last the full year I paid for.

Do I get a partial refund? Or put it down to experience.

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