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Re: Redhat to Fedora - up2date/RHN

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, nosp wrote:
> The trained monkey can still run up2date and it will still work ok.

That was not my worry. My worry was how to get the TM to remember to do
so. I'm a highly trained monkey (HTM) but it is all too easy to neglect
checking for patches until a Red Hat notice comes in.... ;-)

> You will need to worry a bit more than usual in case up2date picks up
> a big upgrade that needs human intervention.....

Can you give an example of this? 

> .... just as much human intervention as is required by a standard
> is-this-going-to-affect-me decision when the "upgrade this rpm RIGHT
> NOW before you get hacked" situation happens once every six months or
> so.

Actually, I'm hoping to *not* have human *decision making* involved when
the 'upgrade right now' message comes in, it should just be a knee-jerk
response to run up2date as soon as *any* notice arrives. Which is why I
would like to have some sort of notice actually arrive. :-)

> Bottom line: Fedora will use up2date.  If you expect up2date to be run
> by a trained monkey, you will have the same amount of issues as if you
> cron "yum upgrade".

Showing his ignorance: 
What is yum? 
RTFM... RTFM....
Ah, okay. As suspected, an alternative to up2date.
Anyone care to give me a quick-n-dirty sale pitch on why yum would be
better for me to use than up2date? 

Thanks again!

- Charles

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