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Re: mirror suggestion

Severn is a beta.  A number of mirrors probably don't want to use their
drive space for a beta.  I'm sure some only mirror the tree when a new
release is out and don't bother with the betas.

Rawhide was being used for test.  Even fewer mirrors want to use the
bandwidth to keep Rawhide up to date.

I understand completely, but I must say that given the media coverage yesterday (i know it's been in the works for quite awhile now) the lack of availability of RHL replacement is frustrating, and not particularly encouraging. I, as many SA's did, went to pull it down and start working with it. Stumbling block #1, it isn't available!

Nothing against you personally, but if this caught you by surprise
yesterday you have been asleep at the switch.

That said, why bother downloading a beta when the release is going to be
out very shortly?  If you haven't been keeping up with the beta
downloading it now won't do you much good because anything you want to
complain about won't be fixed at least until the next release.

Nothing personal taken :-) Nothing caught me by surprise, but the media coverage served to nag my brain "oh yeah, i need to look at this". My entire point in the thread here is that there is a fairly clear problem with availability of Fedora anything, beta or otherwise, and the original post suggests that perhaps we should do something about it before the main release hits the streets.

In other words, beta or no, the idea that a mirrors list on fedora.redhat.com listing known good mirrors that will definitely be carrying these releases is a good idea not currently implemented.

Perhaps the answer to my post is "nothing to see here, don't worry all the mirrors will have the full release" which is fine, but I didn't see that answer, just a lot of other posts agreeing that nothing on mirrors carries it, and offering me alternative, non-official mirror download sites. (for which I am eternally grateful)

Matthew Boeckman			(816) 777-2160
Manager - Systems Integration		Saepio Technologies

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