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Re: hoax or bad taste joke by Redhat's CEO?

Am Mi, den 05.11.2003 schrieb Justin L Croonenberghs um 06:05:
> Why not? He's being honest. Can you honestly imagine your grandma picking
> up a computer and then finding out she needs to edit her /etc/inittab?

Despite I even can't imagine her picking up any computer that is a funny

> :-)
> Linux is still too much of a "geek" operating system. You're not thinking
> like a consumer; they want the thing to work, work now, work without their
> intervention, and they *simply don't care* how it functions. Much like
> cars, really.

No, for me linux is in no way more "geeky" than Windows[tm]. I agree,
for many users a computer just has to work. but those do not need more
than 5 keys or they are confused by possibilities.

> And Windows XP really isn't bad; it's a good, modern OS (though
> architectually needs work), that's fast and reliable, and compared to the
> abomination that was Windows Me, it's a Godsend. Remember, your average
> consumer knows absolutely nothing of the computing world; that's how AOL
> made all its money.

I have enough experience with Windows[tm] to know that the "easy,
intuitive, reliable, ... computing with Windows XP[tm] is just marketing
schmock. And to what it leads you see with all these worms spreading
around and interfering even experienced users who know what they do (my
mail account is still flooded by this damn Swen virus coming from these
nice Windows[tm] machines). 

> Cheers!

Good morning America :)


Alexander Dalloz | Enger, Germany
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