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First Impressions

OK - colour me very impressed!  I've been using Linux since 1994
and Red Hat since version 2 and this is the best installation and
the most solid version I've yet used.

I did a clean install on my primary box (habit - I prefer to get 
rid of old stuff) and that went through perfectly, but the really
interesting part was my .ogg repository.  It's an old 200MHz Pentium
with 64MB RAM and most of the bits are pretty iffy, especially the
CDROM drive.  It was running RHL 8 and I decided to try an upgrade,
just for fun (I would normally take out the hard drive and re-install
on another box).

Halfway through the first FC1 CD, the dreaded "unable to read a package
from the CD" message came up.  But this time it also said "press return
to re-try", I did and it worked.  Many of these later, including a couple
of cases where it was unable to see the CD (message says "please insert CD
number x" just like when changing CDs), my CDROM drive died just before
installing postfix.  I thought it was over then, but on re-booting, the 
box just came up and worked.  I replaced the CDROM drive and installed the
other stuff manually.

Well done to all involved - the installer just keeps getting better and

Cheers! (Relax...have a homebrew)


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