HELP with installing wireless drivers

Earl Terwilliger earlt at
Sat Nov 15 01:15:39 UTC 2003

Hello Brian!

Don't know where you got those instructions (original CD?)
I think it is always best to go to the manufacturers web site and get the 
lastest updates:

RTL8181L driver for Linux (Linux kernel 2.4.x (gcc version 3.2)) and download 
that. Store it somewhere and unzip it:


its for RH 9 but compiles fine on Fedora.  Then go to the release directory. 
(read the readme if you like) but all you should have to do is change the 
kernel version from what it says to your kernel version (probably 
2.4.22-1.2115.nptl) in the Makefile.

Then run make. It will generate the driver rtl8180_24x.o which you can then 
load with:

 insmod rtl8180_24x.o

look at your syslog for any errors... mine showed this:

 ******** RTL8180 Wireless Lan Driver 2003-10-17 loaded********Nov 14 21:03:36  
etc. etc.


On Friday 14 November 2003 16:56, brian connolly wrote:
> There was a note here earlier about a Linksys wireless card.  I need help
> installing the drivers please.
> Unfortunately, the version I have (4) does not yet have drivers from
> Linksys.  However the maker of the chipset Realtek does
> (
>= 2002111&series=2002121&Software=True ).
> But, according to Realtek “But if their VID and DID are not 10EC and 8180,
> you should modify PCI device table of r8180_pci_init.c first and then
> recompile it again.”
> As I am new to Linux and Fedora
 I’ve not a clue what that means.
> Can someone please recommend a simple install?
> Thanks in advance.
> Brian Connolly
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