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Re: Fedora Project: Announcing New Direction

Hi All,

An open question to the fedora lists, will there be a fedora-developer list at some point? It seems the existing lists are currently flooded with a lot of trafic, which might make it hard to participate in development related discussions, as they might get lost in the high volumes.

Personally i am quite fond of the gnome lists model, a list per topic (desktop, nautilus, translations, etc), plus a list (gnome-hackers@) which is read only accept for the project developers. Ofcource outside posts can still reach this list, but they will be moderated first.

An active and high volume generating community is a great thing to have, but it would be great to have a low trafic list where one could bounce actual ideas & patches around

Kind regards & the very best with getting the fedora project off the ground!

-- Chris Chabot

Michael K. Johnson wrote:

Red Hat and Fedora Linux are pleased to announce an alignment of their
mutually complementary core proficiencies leveraging them synergistically
in the creation of the Fedora Project, a paradigm shift for Linux
technology development and rolling early deployment models.

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