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A tip for people tired of The Thread That Won't Die

Don't forget that it is very easy to have Evolution simply delete all
mails on a certain thread, or from a given person. it can cut down a lot
on unwanted email:

Right-click on the message line, and choose "create  rule from message"
at the bottom of the pop-up.

Depending on what you want to get rid, of, choose either "Filter on
Subject" or "Filter on Sender" in the bottom half. Virtual map is very
cool too, but used for the opposite case, when you want to keep a
special eye on something. Let's filter on a subject - say "Inappropriate
content in Fedora Core 2" just to take a completely random subject. 

A dialog pops up with a name field, one field to specify what we want to
filter, and one field at the bottom to decide what we want to do with
the filtered messages.

The name and the upper field are already filled out for us. If you want
to add or edit he selection, go right ahead. You can add as many rules
as you want.

In the bottom pane, the default is "move to folder, <click to add
folder>". This is not what we want. click the selection field with "Move
to Folder" and choose "Delete". That's it!

If you want to do more stuff, you can just add them below - make
Evolution beep when filtering a message or whatever.

It is well worth experimenting a bit with the filtering system - it can
really help a high-volume mailing list such as this one a lot.

Trust the Computer. The Computer is your friend.
Tel. (Japan) 090-3622 8920            Dr. Jan Morén (mr)
                                      Dept. of Cognitive Science
http://lucs.lu.se/people/jan.moren    Lund, Sweden

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