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Re: xawtv: no audio sound

On Tue, 2004-11-30 at 13:27, Jim Higson wrote:
> On Tuesday 30 Nov 2004 13:34, Raffi Khatchadourian wrote:
> > Jim Higson wrote:
> > >On Tuesday 30 Nov 2004 13:09, you wrote:
> > >>Yeah, it seems that the sound is not being generated in the xawtv
> > >>application. Upon startup, yes, the sound mixer is usually muted or down
> > >>to 0. When muted, I am not able to hear the "channel" clicking sound.
> > >>When I turn up the slider, unfortunately, that is all I hear when I
> > >>change the channels.
> > >
> > >Just to make sure the tv card is ok, have you tried connecting it directly
> > > to your speakers? If it's making clicking noises and nothing else, I'd
> > > try debugging there.
> > >
> > >Of course it depends what kind of set up you have, I'm assuming it's like
> > > mine where the tv card decodes the audio and sends it via an external
> > > cable to the sound card, which really just acts as an analogue volume
> > > control (no processing done by card or application). Digital DV might be
> > > different.
> >
> > Hmm ... I have not tried connecting directly to my speakers. I plugged a
> > walkman into the line-in jack on my sound blaster card and it worked
> > fine so I just assumed that wasn't the problem. I will try that tho. How
> > would I go about debugging there? Is there any options to debug with
> > xawtv? If so, what would I look for?
> You've got to remember that xawtv just mutes and unmutes the line in, it 
> doesn't generate or process the sound data at all, the signal is fed into the 
> line in as analog and sent straight back to the line out without being 
> digitised (well, it *might* be, point is the ap doesn't touch the sound)
> In KDE (You mention it somewhere else in the thread) you can do what xawtv 
> does - mute and unmute chanels - from the input pane of kmix. Try unmuting it 
> manually when there's a signal coming from the tv card.
> If you plug headphones directly into the tvcard's line out and there's no 
> signal I can only assume it's borked. Some cards have an internal volume 
> setting (in addintion to the input volume onthe sound card) - the only 
> program I know which can change this is tvtime, however most cards come with 
> it at 100% percent by default and I can't think of a good reason it'd have 
> been changed. 
> > Yes, I do have that setup where an external cable that runs into the
> > sound card. I do not have the DV card.

I've noted on the TV card that is installed here that a separate control
shows up in the mixer (gnome) for it's audio level.  I cannot say if it
actually does anything as my audio goes directly from an external tuner
to the Line-In.

Anything like that in your mixer app?


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