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Re: Xsane and hpoj not working together? [FC3]

On Tue, 2004-11-30 at 20:22 -0500, Gregory Woodbury wrote:
> Does anyone use xsane and an HPOJ scanner to read photos under FC3?
> Under FC1 my scanner operated fine, but the upgrade to FC3 seems to have
> knocked out the scanning functions.
> I've checked the sane-project and xsane websites and they seem to
> indicate that just installing hpoj and configuring the OJ700 should make
> xsane see the scanner.  However, sane/xsane just report no device
> available for scanning to me as both a normal user and as root.  SELinux
> is in permissive mode so it doesn't seem to be a permissions problem.
> Any hints appreciated!


I have used HP OfficeJets of one kind or another since RH9, and they've
all worked. I am currently using a 7110 with FC3. For some reason, if
you select the hpoj package during installation, the libsane-hpoj
package doesn't get installed. So, check to see if you have libsane-hpoj
installed, and if not, install it. Then, open /etc/sane.d/dll.conf in a
text editor, scroll to the bottom, and uncomment the hpoj line. There
are directions at the bottom of the dll.conf file.

I'm assuming you've done the whole ptal-init setup thing to have your
device recognized already?


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