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Re: Mail toaster

Am Mi, den 01.12.2004 schrieb WipeOut um 16:03:

> I see that FC3 now comes with Cyrus-IMAP as the standard POP3/IMAP 
> server.. This seems to me like a great idea to make a mail toaster out 
> of an FC3 box..

You did upgrade or a fresh install? If last, then dovecot should be the
default POP3/IMAP server.

> My plan is to try and use Postfix+Cyrus-IMAP but then I thought why not 
> try and include Anti-virus (Clam-AV) and Anti-spam (Spamassassin)..
> Anyone done this?? or have any pointers or suggestions for making this 
> build as easy as possible?

Sure people have done that. There are plenty of docs and howtos in the


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