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Re: Disk Partiotioning

On Wed, 1 Dec 2004, Gustavo Seabra wrote:

MASSIVE snip here ...

> All would work perfectly if it wasn;t for one detail: QTParted
> doesn't resize ext3 partitions, as all of my partitions (but swap)
> are. So, I'm starting to believe that, if I want more space in root,
> I'll really have to reinstall the system.

from the snip, your root partition is almost 5G(!) in size, and 91%
full, while there's lots of room left in /home.  for now, if you want
to do this less painfully, just leave that filesystem alone and figure
out what parts you can move out of there (/tmp, /var, and so on). then
make the /home filesystem smaller and *create* a new filesystem or two
in the freed-up space, and remount.

it's not the optimal solution (really, the root filesystem should be
at most 512M with lots of additional filesystems taking care of the
rest), but for now, trying the above is fairly easy and doesn't
involve messing with the root filesystem.


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