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Re: Installing Python 2.4

Am Mi, den 01.12.2004 schrieb Mariano Draghi um 21:50:

> In http://www.python.org/2.4/rpms.html there are RPM packages for FC3, 
> and a Yum repository provided by python.org (hey! so far FC3 is the only 
> distro with RPMs provided by python.org itself!)

Do you really *need* the Python 2.4?

> I'd like to know if anybody have installed these packages, and if they 
> fit pleasently into FC3. As Fedora uses Python *heavely*, I don't want 
> to break anything.
> So, it's safe to install this, or I'd be better waiting for an official 
> update? (assuming there are plans for such an update...)

Reading the whole page it states:

"A) The RPMs that start with "python2.4" are built to not interfere with
the system Python. They install as "/usr/bin/python2.4" and will not
conflict with the system Python unless you are running on a system that
ships the a version of Python which has the same major/minor number."

> Mariano


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