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Re: OO in FC2

On Thursday 02 Dec 2004 12:42, Jonathan Allen wrote:
> Jim Higson said:
> > > Can someone please tell me where has the delete or rename file facility
> > > gone ?
> >
> > It sounds as if you might be using the new, GNOME-enhanced verion, which
> > uses the desktop environment's native file chooser?
> >
> > You can force it not to do this (or to use the file chooser from a
> > different DE) with the OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP environment variable.
> >
> > See this Debian thread:
> > http://lists.debian.org/debian-openoffice/2003/11/msg00154.html
> Thank you - this has fixed it.  Do Gnome intend to restore the lost/broken
> functionality, or do we always have to run with a bidge like this in place?

I don't think this can really be considered broken as such - the move in OO at 
the moment is for better integration with the desktop environment, which 
means using widgets like file choosers that the user should be used to. 

I quite like the new GNOME file choosers, the general philosophy of GNOME at 
the moment is to strip back the interface to make it as simple to use as 
possible. That means the filechooser isn't an all singing all dancing affair, 
but instead focuses on the core functions - choosing files. Renaming and 
deleting them is more the role of nautillus afterall.

Anyway, the assumption by the OOo team that someone using GNOME wants to use 
the GNOME widgets is quite reasonable, afterall if you don't like the 
direction the GNOME project is heading in there are plenty of alternatives.


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