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Re: login

Duncan Lithgow wrote:

Gustavo Seabra wrote:

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Do, den 02.12.2004 schrieb Nathan Low um 6:01:

Is there a way to bypass the login screen? In other
words, can this screen be skipped in any way? I'm new
to Linux.

You should know and respect that the need to login is a security feature. You shouldn't bypass that by the setting to automatically login.

I wonder... Since I'm the only user of my machine, I find it just convenient to use the automatic login (to a regular user account.) Is it a security risk?

Well, I agree with you Gustavo. If you're running the machine at home without any real reason to be concerned about who gets access to the computer, then why not use the auto login - butno, not to root.

But then I'm new to linux so take that with a grain of salt.


Personally the few extra seconds it takes to enter my password is worth my peace of mind. I've been doing it with Windows for years.....


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