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Re: Disabling automatic folder opening during a file move in KDE ?

Kim Lux wrote:

I've got some newbie Linux users that are frustrated by folders that
automatically open to show their contents when they are moving files.

For example: they grab a file with the cursor and drag it over a folder.
If they aren't fast enough the folder opens to show its contents. If
they release the mouse button, sometimes it goes into the folder,
sometimes into a folder within the folder and sometimes KDE tries to
copy it to the directory where it already exists, giving them an error

How does one turn off the automatic folder opening ? I've looked in
Control Center under behavior, but I can't find anything.

I think this feature is confusing for newbies.

If I'm not mistaken that's a "feature" in Windows as well and KDE borrowed heavily (more so than GNOME) from Windows. Perhaps your newbie users are new to c0mputers, period?

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