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RE: FC3 SMP builds do NOT contain ext3 drivers in the build!!!!

ok you said some thing that make since but I've never had to do it.
Exactly how do I unpack a initrd file?  this is something I've never had to do (but alway willing to learn).
Currently my solution is that I'm running all ext2 partitions (fsck'd) so I can continue with the test project I need to complete.  several people have questioned me as to it being a disk issue but I have built this on several different drives and attempted the build on three different boxes.  I have access to about 7 spare identical servers and over 40 drives for these units so it is NOT a hardware issue as that was my first concern and switched all hardware out.
It clearly is something to do with the smp build as it only fails using that initrd boot and kernel.  single proc mode works flawlessly and so does ext2.

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	On Thu, 2004-12-02 at 17:05 -0500, Fred Skrotzki wrote:
	> Yep multiple times and it can not find a problem.  I'll just knock
	> them all down to ext2 and continue on.
	> As for it being a ext3 journal or super block problem if that was the
	> case it should have then been found by the single proc kernel (or is
	> there a bug in that kernel not detecting it).  Why would it be only a
	> problem in the SMP implementation and not the single proc mode.
	The error messages you posted earlier:
	ext3: unknown symbol journal_get_write_access
	ext3: unknown symbol journal_undo_access
	ext3: unknown symbol journal_create_access
	ext3: unknown symbol journal_destroy
	ext3: unknown symbol journal_clear_error
	ext3: unknown symbol journal_stop
	ext3: unknown symbol journal_init_inode
	ext3: unknown symbol journal_start
	ext3: unknown symbol log_wait_command
	ext3: unknown symbol journal_release_buffer
	ext3: unknown symbol journal_check_available_features
	ext3: unknown symbol journal_abort
	ext3: unknown symbol journal_restart
	insmod: error inserting '/lib/ext2.ko": -1 unknown symbol in module
	would suggest to me that the issue has more to do with modules than the
	filesystem. I read the above as "When I was attempting to load the ext2
	module, I couldn't resolve the symbols that should be resolved in the
	ext3 module."
	Have you tried unpacking the initrd for your smp kernel and verifying
	that they match what is installed on disk? The latest 2.6 kernel initrds
	I have looked at are gzipped cpio files. I would load the contents of
	the initrd into a temp directory, then use cmp. Otherwise, perhaps it is
	a symbol table problem.
	C. Linus Hicks <lhicks nc rr com>
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