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RE: FC3 SMP builds do NOT contain ext3 drivers in the build!!!!

On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 09:10 -0500, Fred Skrotzki wrote:
> ok you said some thing that make since but I've never had to do it.
> Exactly how do I unpack a initrd file?  this is something I've never
> had to do (but alway willing to learn).

1. cd /boot
2. cp initrd-<revnum>smp.img /tmp/
3. cd /tmp
4. mv initrd-<revnum>smp.img initrd-<revnum>smp.gz
5. gunzip initrd-<revnum>smp.gz
6. mkdir initrdsmp
7. cd initrdsmp
8. cpio -idmv < ../initrd-<revnum>smp
> Currently my solution is that I'm running all ext2 partitions (fsck'd)
> so I can continue with the test project I need to complete.  several
> people have questioned me as to it being a disk issue but I have built
> this on several different drives and attempted the build on three
> different boxes.  I have access to about 7 spare identical servers and
> over 40 drives for these units so it is NOT a hardware issue as that
> was my first concern and switched all hardware out.
> It clearly is something to do with the smp build as it only fails
> using that initrd boot and kernel.  single proc mode works flawlessly
> and so does ext2.

You might want to do the above with both initrd's and see if there are
any obvious differences.

C. Linus Hicks <lhicks nc rr com>

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