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Gnome 2.8 totally unstable


when the problem with (i think that it is a reason) Gnome-panel will
be resolved?

I did a clean install of FC3 on my laptop (Toshiba with Pentium 4 and
Intel chipset). The gnome apps tend to stop at random times. E.g.
system-config-network or others stops. Then desktop becames very slow,
sometimes start menu does not work until reboot, sometimes it works
but with big time lags. Sometimes it is impossible to run app by
clicking its launcher on gnome-panel. After such gnome app crash I
cannot start other gnome apps. QT apps or firefox works normal. I have
then to logout gnome (logout hangs :( too) or sometimes kill X server
(ctrl+alt+backspace). After another attempt to log into gnome from gdm
I got empty gnome screen with only background color on it. Then I have
to reboot. KDE works always.
I wonder if it is problem described on gnome bugzilla: "spontaneous
gnome-panel crash"?!

Have anyone similar problems?

Darek Borkowski

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