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X freezes on Dell Latitude D600

Hi all:

I've just installed FC3 on a Dell Latitude D600 laptop; I seem to be
having some problems with X.  This machine has 1 gigabyte of RAM, 80 gig
disk, and the ATI Radeon Mobility M9 graphics processor.  

I run the laptop primarily in the dock, so as to be able to use a second
monitor (dual-head).  There are no major issues for me here; X sets up
correctly, and I can use system-config-display to enable and configure
the second monitor.  

Here's the problem:  If I use any hot-key combination in X to either
kill X (with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace) or to switch to a virtual console (with
Ctrl-Alt-F1), X freezes.  I can ssh to the box, and I try to kill X, but
it's no use, it won't be killed...I can reboot at that point and it will
go away.  Examining the X logs afterwards shows nothing but the startup
of X, which is successful.  I have also used up2date to update the X
binaries, with no success.  

A co-worker runs the exact same model of laptop with FC3 with no
problems.  I asked him if he had applied any updates at all and he said
that he updated with apt-get from the Dag repository.  

Previously, I used this laptop with FC2 with few issues (aside from
never being able to get display acceleration working), and I did a fresh
install of FC3 hoping that this would solve my problems, but no dice.
For me, this issue is a showstopper as I regularly switch to the
standard virtual consoles while using X.  

If anyone has any ideas or needs more information, please ask.


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