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Re: ctrl + home keys

On Sat, Dec 04, 2004 at 07:11:25AM -0800, Nathan Low wrote:
> When I used these keys, it doesn't go to the top of
> the web page.  It doesn't do anything.  I have to use
> page up key.
> Does anyone know how to have this done?

Nathan, you've left out quite a bit of information that 
would be needed to answer your question.

You may want to read this (somewhat longish) document when you
have the time to help you understand how to ask questions in the 
best way to get helpful answers:

Are you using Fedora? Which release?
What browser are you using?

> Please respond.  Thanks.
This is not a good thing to put in your posting. :-)
If everyone on the list responds (which is what you have asked for),
most will responding unhelpfully (like Roy's post).  You (and the list)
will be very unhappy to get thousands of useless postings.

If someone can answer your question they will. You don't have to ask for
people to respond.  They will if they can help.

As for me - I've noticed that instead of ctrl-home, I can just use the
"home" and "end" keys without the "ctrl" modifiers and they work the
same way as whaany former Windows user would expect.

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