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Re: Yum and dialup


I live in Colombia and so far I have been using a dial up connection
with a 56Kbps modem.  I usually install little updates from home.  When
there is a huge update I download the packages in my office and then
burn them on a CD or copy them on a USB pen drive.


El jue, 02-12-2004 a las 11:24 -0800, Jerry Gaiser escribió:
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> Just install FC3, coming from RedHat 9. So far I'm impressed and happy
> with the installation, but I'd like to keep the system updated.
> Now the problem.. We live in a very rural section of NW Oregon. No
> broadband and likely no reasonably priced solution for many years. On
> top of that, the phone copper coming into the house is pretty limited to
> about 22K and needless to say, multi-meg downloads are at best painful,
> if not possible. That means that yum is pretty much out of the picture
> for large updates.
> How do other people on modem connections handle the situation? I've been
> using d4x (Download for X) for large file downloads, as it can restart
> the download if I'm disconnected. The same could be used for updates if
> there were a central update site or email notification.
> Any comments or insight appreciated.
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