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Re: cdrecord issue

Am Sa, den 04.12.2004 schrieb Christian Del Pino um 23:25:

> Thank you for your help Alexander, that did it!


> I did notice something strange in my cdrecord.conf file. This is what I
> had:
> CDR_DEVICE=cdrom
> cdrom=		/dev/cdrom	-1	-1	burnfree

/dev/cdrom is a symlink to the real device.

> It seemed strange to me because you mentioned /dev/hdX, where in k3b,
> the device is listed as /dev/hdc.

Yes, that is correct.

> What I typed in that made it work was cdrecord dev=cdrom, as in my
> cdrecord.conf file. Now my question, is my conf file wrong, or do I need
> to reconfigure that cd burning apps with the correct device name?

"cdrecord dev=cdrom" is wrong IMHO. The proper syntax is

cdrecord dev=/dev/hdc ...

or if you did set your burning device in the cdrecord.conf, you then
don't need to pass cdrecord any information about the device to use.

> Does /etc/fstab have anything with the device name of the cdrom also?

The fstab file is used for mounting, not burning.

> Chris


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