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Re: Spam Filter for sendmail

Am Mo, den 06.12.2004 schrieb Jay Moore um 1:39:

> > Another spam fighting tool that I highly recommend in combination with
> > spamassassin is greylisting.  I used milter-greylist with sendmail and
> > it reduced spam from 3000-6000 a day to 5-10 spam a day which
> > spamassassin handled easily.  Greylisting actually kept my mail server
> > from getting stressed as it did sometimes during spam storms.
> I'll second that emotion :) Greylisting has proven to be an extremely
> effective tool for me. I actually use spamd (the OpenBSD tool - not
> related to spamassassin) which has a greylisting option, but I assume
> the sendmail-milter version accomplishes the same thing.
> Jay


And now gmail becoming more and more popular we have a problem using
grey-listing: gmail uses server pools from at least 2 different subnets:


So you will have to whitelist these nets to not delay mail delivery for
a too long time or to cause final rejection. More net ranges might be
used by gmail. Input from your log files welcomed!


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