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IDE controller card and Fedora Core 3


I am attempting to build a file server using a Pentium II 400, for my home office.

I want to build a RAID 5 array for data integrity. I have four 160Gig Western digital hard drives, and a couple of spare IDE controller cards that I would like to use. The controller cards are the issue.

They are ST-306 Ultra ATA-133 PCI cards from Lycom (see: http://www.lycom.com.tw/ST306.htm for card details).

The chipset is a Silicon Image Sil0680ACL144.

I installed one of these cards with a hard drive attached to test if it would work, but had no luck. I ran the Fedora Core 3 installer and the card was not detected. I was not able to find a driver to manually select that looked right.

I spent some time on Google researching Linux and this card/chipset, but found no real clues. Only windows drivers seem to be available.

Can anyone tell me if this card is likely to be usable?

If not, could anyone suggest a low cost card that can handle the drives I have?

Warning: I am a relative newbie with Linux. I have built a couple of systems over the last year or so, but am by no means an expert.

Any assistance, or suggestions greatly appreciated.


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