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Re: FC3 selinux effects noticed

Jude DaShiell wrote:
Two notes on selinux and I have more investigation to do on these.
1) mysql breaks very badly on boot up when an attempt is made to start it up by the system.
2) The cd burner has changed from hl-dt st to adaptec non cccs fake all
of this with selinux enabled. I don't know if the cd burner will
actually burn a disk or not in this state let alone burn it accurately.
I'll find out a little later. I'm using the test FC3 speakup and that
replaced FC2 when system was last installed on this machine.

I noticed that my soundcard was redected as another model from FC2 to FC3. I had trouble using the sound with selinux set active. If I changed mode to permissive and rebooted, the sound would work.

A question about the speakup kernel for FC3, is it SELinux capable? All I seem to remember about speakup is that it was once included in RHL (8 I believe).

Not much help, I know. I hope others have better suggestions.


When speculation has done its worst, two plus two still equals four.
		-- S. Johnson

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