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Re: IDE controller card and Fedora Core 3

Thanks for the feedback John

I had a look at Clark Connect, but they don't really have anything to offer me. I am attempting to build a cheap Samba file server with large capacity and reasonable redundancy. Throughput isn't an issue, and I don't need any services other than Samba on it.

I can't justify forking out for a new piece of hardware, but have a bunch of components that will do the job if I can get them to play nicely.

From you reply I take it that IDE controllers that use a Promise HPT (HighPoint?) chipset are supported by Linux. Is that the case?


John Summerfield wrote:
On Monday 06 December 2004 11:12, Langdon Stevenson wrote:

I am attempting to build a file server using a Pentium II 400, for my
home office.

For software, I recommend you look at Clark Connect - www.clarkconnect.org. It's a compilation of Linux software aimed at your needs and contains software not included in FC/RHEL.

I want to build a RAID 5 array for data integrity.  I have four 160Gig
Western digital hard drives, and a couple of spare IDE controller cards
that I would like to use.  The controller cards are the issue.

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