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Re: startup services order - solved

Robert L Cochran wrote:
Scot L. Harris wrote:

On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 22:43, sly wrote:

how can i chose the order in which services to be loaded? actually i want to have the pcmcia started before the network.

You just think that is what you want to do.  Most likely the real
problem you have is that your pcmcia network card is not starting up at
boot time.  The problem is that network services starts before pcmcia
and that causes the pcmcia network cards not to start.

The trick is to tell the network card NOT to start at boot time.  When
pcmcia services start later on it will start the network card anyway.

if i turn off the network service, after pcmcia gets initialized the network won't start.
so i changed the S* files in order for pcmcia to start before network.

S10network -> S11network
S24pcmcia -> S10pcmcia

and it works fine!

dsyc go ro
73 6c 79

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