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Re: Haldaemon and Vmware

Summer Brooks wrote:
This might be a silly list newbie tangent, but since this list is
using Mailman, and if this is such a big concern for the Red Hat
folks, why haven't the list maintainers simply turned on the
feature that strips out HTML and attachments?  Could a list
member ask them to do look into doing so?

As far as I know, that option was a plugin in versions 2.0.x,
and I thought it was included in the newer 2.1.x versions (which
I have not as yet personally used).

There are a couple of addresses for the list maintainers near the bottom of: http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-list

Try asking one of them. I'm sure it would go down well not only with those of us that don't like HTML mail but also with those people that have to use webmail interfaces that *cannot* turn off the HTML and hence are on the receiving end of the complaints.

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