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RE: Mr. Day

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...and subsequent replies deleted for clarity (and to avoid top-posting
;-).  Please consider the following subjects:

Mr. Day
Where is the kernel source
What happened to gqview
What is top-post
Fedora extras is extra
Re: How TO unsubscribe
Re: Does Fedora include Linux
OT: (whatever)
RE:  OT: (whatever)

>From last month only (probably some I missed), but there is certainly a
common theme going all the way back to the beginning of the internet for
these type mailing lists.  Notice I didn't use a capital "I" - wonder
how many will find that personally objectionable?

I have a theory about why these little electronic fracases occur and
wonder if anyone may agree or disagree.  And furthermore, a suggestion
to assuage this problem in the future.

Most will probably agree Linux (and open source in general) is in many
ways, a fundamentally different beast by it's very nature than the
commercial software it competes with.  But they share predominantly the
same user-customer base.  Therein lies the rub.  I will exclude Redhat
itself from further consideration, so as not to cloud the issue, which
is BTW - mailing list friction, in case you haven't noticed.

Fedora's supporters (frequent repliers to these posts) rightfully view
the lesser mortals here with skepticism and disdain because they are who
they are and nobody is getting paid.  Fair enough.

Those newbies and un-initiated incurring the Fedora god's wrath feel
(for whatever reason, right or wrong) they are not getting what they
bargained for - even if all it cost them was a dime for their ISP and a
few blank CD-Rs.  Also understandable.  So what is the problem?  Bad
attitude.  The solution?  Attitude adjustment.  Here's my advice:

Alexander, et al:  You guys are great, but get off your high horse.
Fedora is a product, like it or not.  Because you are not selling it
doesn't mean you shouldn't consider treating it (and your "customers" -
ahhhhhgh!) as such.  Might not the right answer to all those upcoming
subjects similar to above be no reply at all?  You have the right to
remain silent, and never be wrong for that.

All others:  There is little hope for you.  Don't expect anything and
you will most often be pleasantly surprised.  You are not really
customers, so don't act like it.

Everyone:  Don't take it personally!  Chill...  BTW, the atmosphere and
level of real technical support here has improved somewhat over the past
few months, IMHO.



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