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On Tue, 2004-12-07 at 00:16 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday 06 December 2004 22:37, Thomas Cameron wrote:
> [...]
> >I am so freaking sick of this BULLSHIT about posting HTML and top
> >posting.  It would amuse me if it didn't downright disgust me that
> > the ones who scream the loudest about this crap are the ones who in
> > the next message will bust on some poor newbie for not using the
> > latest version of package X.  Guess what - if your MUA doesn't
> > handle HTML, then SWITCH FREAKING MUAs!!!!  It is the 21st century,
> > for Chrissakes!  If you *CHOOSE* to use an MUA that doesn't handle
> > HTML, I don't wanna hear you bitch about it!  It's YOUR choice,
> > freaking live with it.
> No, its not ok, and I won't live with it.  I routinely delete unread,
> and undisplayed, html only mails here.  

Exactly what I'm advocating...  If you don't like it, delete it - no
need to get nasty with the sender.  Thanks for agreeing with me!

> HTML is a friggin security
> risk and I'll be damned if I'll turn it on by default just to suit 
> some knowitall
> running the latest release of Evolution-2.0.2.  If you wanna be a
> windows user so bad, go use it!

Um, Evolution doesn't run on Windows.  Not sure where the Windows user
thing comes from.  I suppose that was meant to be an insult.  I'm sorry,
I don't buy into OS snobbery.  Used to many years ago, but I'm way past
that these days.

> [...]
> > The WHOLE list for the month of November was a whopping
> > 14 megs.
> Yeah, and 4 megs of it or more are this friggin thread, which could
> die AFAIAC with no remorse.

Then why are you contributing to it?

> HTML is a waste of bandwidth for those on a dialup 
> and I refuse to 
> contribute to that abuse.  And yes, that IS the right word.

Anyone can look at the mailing list stats
December/msg01344.html) and see that the overwhelming majority of users
use GUI MUAs (by my count well over 90%).  So whether you like it or
not, whether you approve of it or not, the fact is that the vast
majority of users use GUI MUAs which are perfectly capable of dealing
with HTML mail.  People who *choose* to not handle HTML messages for
whatever reason are clearly in the minority.  I'm not saying it's right,
I'm not saying it's fair, I'm certainly not saying it's better - I
vastly prefer plain text for e-mail.  What I am saying is that it's
fact.  So why is it that over 90% of the list should change their ways
for the 7-8% who voluntarily choose not to handle HTML e-mail?


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