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Re: software raid and grub on FC3

Ed Wilts wrote:
It still is.  What you're asking for is a mirrored master boot record
while mirroring partitions.  Grub has no knowledge of what software
mirroring you may be doing or if you even have any intention of booting
off a mirror member.

Mmmm... No. If you simply copy MBR from one disk to another (or blindly do grub-install to second disk), you'll get Grub installed on the second disk, but it will still be configured to read configuratin file from first disk. If first disk fails, you have problem.

What you need to have (in case of Linux software RAID 1) is:

- each copy of Grub reads stage2 and configuration from disk it is installed on
- each copy of Grub loads kernel and initrd from disk it is installed on

This is something LILO does by default if you specify Linux software RAID 1 partition as boot disk. Grub doesn't.

To get Grub do the right thing, you need to remove "root" command from grub.conf (this will make grub load kernel and initrd from corresponding submirror of /boot partition), and than install Grub on both disks but specifying partitions that hold stage1, stage2 and grub.conf files to point to related submirrors.

This is way more complex than configuring LILO to do the same thing, and is not as simple as typing "grub-install". It isn't space science either, but you need to dig deep into Grub documentation (or Google around if you are not really into it).

If you had a true hardware mirroring solution (RAID 5 for example),
you'd still be done in seconds.

RAID 5 is not mirror. RAID 5 is striping with parity. RAID 1 is mirroring.

Anyhow, topic of this thread was "software RAID" (check the subject line). Hardware RAID is something completely different. While investing in hardware RAID has advantages (and it is something I warmly suggest), doing it just to get Grub working correctly out of the box is the wrong reason for making such an investment.

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