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RE: Cosmetic shell changes between FC1 and FC3

You can change your PROMPT_COMMAND environment variable which in FC3 is set to
PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\033]0;${USER} ${HOSTNAME%% *}:${PWD/#$HOME/~}\007"'

To change this you will need to use the export command.  Typing 'man
export' will give you all the BASH builtin commands so I've included
the relevant export list below:
       export [-fn] [name[=word]] ...
       export -p
              The supplied names are marked for automatic export to the envi-
              ronment of subsequently executed commands.  If the -f option is
              given, the names refer to functions.  If no names are given, or
              if  the  -p  option  is  supplied, a list of all names that are
              exported in this shell is printed.  The -n  option  causes  the
              export  property  to  be removed from each name.  If a variable
              name is followed by =word, the value of the variable is set  to
              word.   export  returns  an  exit status of 0 unless an invalid
              option is encountered, one of the names is not  a  valid  shell
              variable  name,  or  -f  is  supplied with a name that is not a

Hope this helps.


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