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Re: Thunderbird Not Running Filters on Incoming POP

Andrew Choens wrote:
I really do want to use Thunderbird. It has a kind of fun feel to it. But, I have one problem that has to get cleared up first. As everyone recieving this email knows, this is a high volume list. I have a filter to move all of the incoming mail over to a folder called Fedora. The filter works fine, when I manually run the filters, but it does NOT run when new mail is downloaded from my pop account. I had this with the 0.8 installed from the CD's and I'm still experiencing it with the 0.9 rpm I downloaded from Fresh RPMS. Out of curiousity, I downloaded a binary from mozilla, and got the same problem. So, what's wrong with my set-up? Why won't the filters run on the incoming mail?

If I can resolve this, I'll switch to Thunderbird, otherwise I guess I'm stuck with Evolution.


What are your qualifications for the filter? Also, make sure that the filter is enabled or it will not do anything.

James McKenzie

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