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Re: /media problems

Am Mi, den 08.12.2004 schrieb Neal Becker um 4:18:

> I don't grok the /media thing.
> I have an IDE DVD.  After installing FC3, I have in fstab:
> /dev/hda                /media/cdrecorder       auto   \
> pamconsole,exec,noauto,managed 0 0
> Inserting a iso CD, it spins, but nothing gets mounted.  Wasn't it supposed
> to?  How do I debug?
> I'm trying to install transgaming cedega.  Muli-cd game won't install
> because the cd is locked.  unmount /media/cdrecorder fails, says it's busy.

Did you install the latest udev update rpm?

* Mon Dec 06 2004 Harald Hoyer <harald redhat com> - 039-10.FC3.5

- fixed udev.rules for cdrom symlinks (bug 141897)


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