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Am Mi, den 08.12.2004 schrieb EGoldcp1 aol com um 11:20:
> I  live in Germany at the moment and I use T-DSL. I have a FritzBOx Sl modem  
> unit.  (DSL) My connection from the  FritzBox (modem) is over Lan connection. 
>  And everything works great.  But when I wanted to get Linux up and running I 
> just can’t seem to get it  going.  I have tried everything it  says to do but 
> it just won’t work.  

I don't know the FritzBox SI (there are meanwhile so many AVM hardware
devices available), but if it simply acts as the DSL modem and does not
the dial-in (authentication) itself, you then will have to make a PPPoE
connection with Fedora. Use system-config-network and setup xDSL.
> I  have AOL as my Internet provider but it doesn’t seem to recognize AOL.  
> Linux worked fine with my dial up  modem.  Maybe I need to install USB  
> connection as well or will this interfere with my Lan connection.  I don’t want to 
> make any mistakes with  my Windows DSL because it works just fine.  So any help 
> would be much appreciated. I just need to know step by step  how to install DSL 
> for LINUX.  Thanking you in advance. 
> Ted   

As AOL user you _must_ set MSS to 1400, else no traffic will happen. To
do so edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp0 and set


To when setting up the xDSL activate "synchron PPP".

You will too have to care for specific with username and password. As
you are German please see



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