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Re: Can I keep users from receiving mail from the Internet?

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> Fedora wrote:
> |I'm using sendmail as the MTA and I would like to make it impossible for
> |certain users (root comes to mind, but there are other userids as
> well) to
> |receive email from the Internet.
> |
> |I'd like to "block" it, as opposed to having some sort of filter throw it
> |away after it's arrived.  Ideally, these few userids would appear to be
> |invalid to anyone outside my network.
> |
> |On the other hand ... I do need for all users to be able to receive email
> |"internally" (i.e., from localhost).
> |
> |In my case, spammers have discovered that there is <gasp!> a "root" user
> |that they can send email to.
> |
> |Any thoughts?
> |
> |Thanks much,
> |Charlie
> |
> Charlie,
> If you want to block ALL Internet email from coming in. Look into
> setting up iptables to only accept SMTP connections from your local IP
> network and block any other requests.
> Retrieving mail is the job of IMAP and POP3, not SMTP, so I'm also a
> little confused.
> James Kosin


Thanks.  Yeah... it's a bit confusing.

Here's what I want:
-- I have a user called "fred".
-- I WANT fred to be able to receive mail from local users.
-- I DON'T want fred to be able to receive any mail via the internet.
-- I want to stop the mail to fred at the MTA (in my case, that's
   sendmail).  i.e., I don't just want to filter it out after it
   arrives.  Ideally, fred will appear to be an "invalid user" to
   anyone on the Internet attempting to send him email.

I'll be trying the other suggestions out tonight.

Thanks to all who responded.  Fedora users rock!  8-)


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