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setting display resolution higher than 800*600 not possible with ELSA Gloria Synergy


I installed Fedora Core yesterday and I changed the system settings to
represent my system configuration (monitor, graphics card). The driver for
my ELSA Gloria Synergy however does not allow me to set any resolution
higher than 800*600, although in Red Hat Linux 9 I was able to work with a
reaolution of 1600*1200 at 64k colours with 85Hz. The generic 3Dlabs
Permedia driver shows the same behaviour. In RedHat 9, I was able to select
the amount of display RAM on the graphics adapter. This is not possible with
the one included in FC3. My idea is that maybe the settings for my monitor
are not correct. I selected my monitor from the list, but FC3 does not show
any details (vertical and horizontal frequency range) about the monitor as
RH9 did. Any ideas how to solve this? Is there a generic monitor device
which can be set up with the correct frequency values suiting my monitor's
capabilities? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!



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