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Re: Same named packages, different dependencies

Brian Richardson <brian cubik ca> wrote:

>A1tmblwd netscape net wrote:
>[ snip ]
>>perl-XML-Parser from Dag
>Dag, at least, points out that his packages may/will depend on other 
>packages _in his repository_. This is the case for all 3rd party vendors 
>He is also nice enough to point out when a particular package is 
>maintained by another repository. Simply put, the RPMs provided by the 
>Fedora Project are considered authoritative for a particular package. 
>Any add-ons will of course be provided by 3rd-party vendors. The 
>coincidence of names is simply that.

If it is coincidence up2date, yum and apt are in dire need of improvement because none of these applications can distinguish between packages from an authoritative source and 3rd-party. Once the repositories are enabled these applications will indicate that ATrpms's package is an upgrade for Fedora's.

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