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Re: Fedora and Music

Terry R. Grier wrote:
Hello All.
I have come a long way in 4 weeks ..learning how to install software .. use samba.... not to mention.. buring isos and checking mdsums...
I am getting stumped.. with my fedora and music.

Can someone send me some websites on getting mp3s and ACC files to work on linux?
I still have a windows boot on my other computer.
cause I use itunes and have an ipod.

I am having a hard time getting musicbox to play mp3s .... I thought I installed/pluginned... gstreamer
but it crashes.. each time I try play an mp3.

I am getting frustrated.. with the music sides of fedora. I love it for everything so far.... except music. and I have about 6,ooo songs that I would like to use fedora as a file server for.......
are there articles or something I can read to start learing ? Also what about this ogg format? I seems that no ipod like device supports the format... is it 'better' than mp3 or ACC ?

Anyway.. thank you for your time.

You seem to be doing a good job to learn how things work.

Here is a HOWTO for multimedia. It explains allot. It is a bit outdated but will help.

Fedora Multimedia Installation HOWTO

Once things are setup in yum.conf (what I use) it is no problem to get applications working.

Robin Laing

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