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What is up with fonts in FC3????

One of the first differences I saw when I upgraded from FC2 to FC3 was when I installed it on a wide screen laptop it was very obvious there was more spacing between lines than in FC2. It's much less obvious on a standard 4x3 aspect ratio screen.

At first I thought it was just in Mozilla/Firefox but today I tried to print out a document I made in OpenOffice just before upgrading and the formatting was completely messed up! I had to spend a lot of time adjusting line spacings to make everything fit on a page again. This was typical of the kinds of annoying changes I saw when upgrading MS Office but come on, Fedora should be better than that.

I'd love to file a bug report but I'm not sure which component this is in?

Can someone help me out here?

Am I the only one getting frustrated by the goofy font changes from FC2 to FC3???

Greg Gulik                                 http://www.gulik.org/greg/
greg @ gulik.org

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