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What is up with fonts in FC3????

And I thought it was me who was nuts, but obviously it is an FC3 issue.

We are having the same problem, and it is really annoying to have to
reformat old documents and especially templates. To make things worse,
some in our network are still running on FC2 and some already switched
to FC3, so we will need to have version-dependent templates. 'Goofy' is
the right word.

Sorry, can not help you how to file the bug report - fonts and their
workings (or non-performance) on system level have been a mystery to me
since the day computers started having a GUI.

But maybe you can help us: You say that you have adjusted the line
spacing in your OpenOffice documents. How did you do that? We already
have line spacing 0 and space before and after paragraph 0 and can not
make it any smaller.
Did you really change the line spacing somehow (which is what we want to
do), or did you dwitch the font (which is what we are doing now, but are
not happy with it).

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