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iso install - Sony SDM-S73 flat panel lcd tft display

I just got a Sony SDM-S73 flat panel LCD TFT monitor. I have two Linux
computers, one running RedHat 8 (the problem computer) and the other running
Fedora 2 core. The one running Fedora 2 has no trouble with the monitor.
Neither do the windows computer connected to it. However, the RedHat 8
computer flickers when connected to the monitor. All computers are connected
using a KVM, but I have taken the KVM out of the loop and the flickering
with the RedHat 8 computer continues.

Does anyone know the settings for XF86config file to make the monitor work
with RedHat 8?

The problem computer has 6 Ethernet ports but no floppy or cdrom. I have
downloaded all the iso images to this server for Fedora 2 core. Is there any
way to upgrade RedHat 8 to Fedora 2 without a floppy drive or cdrom drive?
Worst case, I can open the case in attach a cd drive, but that is very
clumsy. I'd like to be able to update from the iso images.

I have taken one more step on this path by mounting the iso images. Can an
update be managed from them?



Jerome Freedman, Ph. D.
jerome newterra net

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