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Re: Centrino Laptop Boot problems

Cody Y wrote:

I just installed Fedora core 3 from a dvd onto my centrino laptop. Installation went fine after I got a few hiccups out (Had to start up without acpi), but now it won't boot. It appears to be hang while 'Checking root filesystem'.

My laptop is a 'cicero'. It's a rebrand. I think the original brand is either clevo or seanix. Model number M120c.

Any ideas as to what this could be? Should I boot into recovery mode and run fsck?


I am having a very similar problem, maybe the same. Hopefully someone will have an idea. This is a desktop with an old Intel 350MHz PII Mboard & 2 HDs. I have WinXP on the other hd. I had FC1 working just fine on this hd, then got the bright idea to install FC3. Didn't upgrade, did a complete re-install. Now it stops every time at "configuring kernel files". I'm not a geek, just an experienced win-user trying to migrate to Linux.

- John

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