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Re: Making Abiword the default?

On 12/09/2004 07:58:42 PM, Scott Talbot wrote:

That depends on which Fedora you use! Well actually they're still fairly similar. In FC3, right click an icon (er you are using gnome right?) select properties. Open the Open with TAB and select Abiword (if in the list) or click the add button to add Abiword to the list.

What's interesting though, when I right click on a .doc - it is set to open with "Word Processor"

Double clicking brings up AbiWord (I don't even have OO.o installed - why deal with big fat updates for a slow application? ;)

So somewhere there is a place to set what Word Processor is.
I can't find it in gconf (where it should be imho)

It's set up fine for me as is, but how to set "Word Processor" should probably be defined.

"Word Processor" is also the menu entry for AbiWord - related?
Does Gnome 2.8 use the menu name when there is a desktop file for a given app?

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