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Re: Fedora Core 3

Am Sa, den 11.12.2004 schrieb Lawrence F Chisholm um 17:17:

> I am trying to install the iso's. All goes well until the reboot then
> the screen comes up all broken up and in tiny colored dots. I had read
> that the screen resolution is wrong.

Boot without the "rhgb" boot parameter (at grub boot screen press a to
change the kernel line).

> I also want a boot diskette created so that it does not use the MBR.
> In the past at the end of install it use to ask if you wanted a boot
> diskette.

The kernel and all what's needed will hardly fit on floppy space. You
can try using "mkbootdisk" but I see just very little chance for
success. Create a boot CD using the --iso switch if you think you won't
have grub in the MBR.

> Larry.


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