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Re: Firewall issues with setting up vsftp server

Am Sa, den 11.12.2004 schrieb Terry Linhardt um 17:17:

> I am attempting to set up an ftp server on an internal network. (All 
> hosts are 192.168.1.*)  I am using vsftp, but stumbling over an iptables 
> related issue.  Also, this is Fedora Core 3.
> vsftp is running as a stand-alone daemon. I used the "security level" 
> icon to permit ftp traffic on the server. At that point I CAN connect 
> from a remote client to the ftp server. I can login properly. I can cd 
> to a directory of choice. However, as soon as I try to download data (or 
> even do an ls), I get a message of "entering passive mode"  and then "no 
> route to host" error message. This problem can be eliminated by going to 
> /etc/rc.d/init.d and doing an "iptables stop", which turns off all 
> firewall features. However as soon as I reactivate the iptables I once 
> again get the "no route to host" message when I try to transfer data.

> Thanks...Terry

Does loading the "ip_conntrack_ftp" module help?


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