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Re: Fedora Core 3

Am Sa, den 11.12.2004 schrieb Larry Chisholm um 18:41:

Please don't top-post

> Does the rhgb fix the display problem??

My name is not Jesus.

You didn't provide any hardware information, at least about your
graphics card. So how should one definitely judge about your graphics
problem. Using framebuffer with the RHGB (Red Hat Graphical boot) might
be a candidate causing the scrambled screen. But you weren't very
specific when exactly the screen has this imaging problems. After the
boot process finished and you see the login screen? Maybe it is need to
boot into runlevel 3 (at grub boot screen press "a" and add a "3" to the
kernel line) to boot into non X and then to reconfigure X using
"system-config-display --reconfig" (see too the --help output) or
editing the /etc/X11/xorg.conf by hand, adjusting the monitor
frequencies or changing the graphics driver type.

>  when you stop it change the 
> kernel line is that all you have to enter as the command?

See above.

> I am currently using Mandrake 10.1 and of course I can boot it from a 
> diskette. I can also create cd's.   I don't want to use MBR.
> My objective is to be able to run Windows XP   then Mandrake 10.1 
> official   then Fedora Core 3.

How would that be a problem with having grub in the MBR? Maybe read
about dual-booting (which includes triple booting too of course).

> I use free space on the hard drive for the install process and hopefully 
> if I can get fedora up so that I can use the display then I can create 
> the boot CD??

How would you boot after installation of Fedora if there is not
bootloader? You will use the Windows[tm] boot loader or the one by
Sounds like you should spent some time reading documentation.


Though once written for RH9 they are widely still valid. 

> Larry


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