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FC3, evolution address book and OpenOffice 1.3

Does anybody know how I can access my Evolution address book from
OpenOffice 1.1.3(!)

Unfortunately, in Fedoras OO.org 1.1.2 the soft/conditional hyphenation
is badly broken, so it is hard to use with non-english languages (at
least German). Same is true for the current rawhide version. I had to
install ooo Version 1.1.3 from openoffice.org, which works quit fine and
nicely integrates into fedora after having made some changes
to /usr/bin/ooffice.

But when I try to configure the address book (File -> document templates
-> address book I can't select evolution as an address source anymore
(it works with Fedoras 1.1.2). There is a message, the driver for
evolution could not be found. But in Options -> data sources ->
connections the same drivers are listed as before (with 1.1.2).

Does someone know how to make a connection to evolution?


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